Community DAO

We at RomanPunks believe in the powers of decentralization and community and therefore have plans to build a DAO around the RomanPunks Metaverse. With a DAO, our community can help to decide on the direction of the project.
How will it work?
In addition to our economy token, DENARII, which will be used for gameplay and other features in the RomanPunk Metaverse, we will launch a governance token that people can invest into. The governance token gives holders the powers to govern over decisions in the RomanPunk Metaverse, with respect to investments, project direction and gameplay.
We will build a voting system where users place their votes in the form of a governance token, which we'll call the SEN, or Senate Token.
Users will be able to decide which direction the project should move, which features should be implemented, which blockchains to expand to, how to reinvest funds in the community pool, which new gameplay features should be added, etc.
More will be revealed about the DAO project plan which is still in its very early stages of development and requires support of a community knowledgebase to implement successfully.