⛓️Chainlink VRF

RomanPunks employs a Chainlink VRF smart contract on Ethereum mainnet to utilize the power of verified randomness to ensure impartiality in project contests and random distribution of profit sharing awards.

Chainlink VRF enables us to get an unlimited series of random numbers that are cryptographically verified on-chain as being tamper-proof.

As a result, users can now participate in contests in addition to receiving dividend awards periodically. Thanks to Chainlink VRF, our community can rest assured that recipients of high value NFT airdrops are selected without bias or manipulation.

All RomanPunk Ethereum NFT holders will be entitled to dividends as part of our community pool. For these holder perks, our smart contract interacting with Chainlink VRF will be employed to select the recipient(s).

Furthermore, we opened the “Jupiter Raffle” in which one lucky holder of a RomanPunk NFT between ‘RomanPunk#501’ and ‘RomanPunk#600’ was awarded the hallowed Chainlink Jupiter NFT.

We selected Chainlink VRF as our go-to random number generator (RNG) solution because it allows any user to verify the integrity of the randomness relied on to pick winners. By supplying cryptographic proofs, Chainlink VRF helps ensure that the randomness is generated and supplied on-chain in a tamper-proof manner, leading to provably fair and unbiased outcomes for users. Not even our development team can tamper with the process, nor can outside users predict results.

Going forward, as the RomanPunks project evolves into metaverse games built on WAX and Sandbox, we intend to utilize Chainlink VRF to randomly assign attributes to players. We are also planning to implement a Chainlink VRF-powered system for randomly assigning NFT properties for a RomanPunk generative NFT project built on the Polygon blockchain.

“Chainlink is to RomanPunks what aqueducts were to Rome. Thanks to Chainlink’s blockchain-agnostic VRF technology, we are able to hold major contests and develop gameplay utility in a way that is transparent and verified on-chain for our ‘Senators’ (Collectors). Even Cicero would be satisfied with the veracity and impartiality of the results.”

–RomanPunk Emperor Punktavian

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