Colosseum Clash on Twitch

Colosseum Clash is the RomanPunk gladiator battle simulation broadcast on Twitch.
Viewers and participants can win WAX NFT prizes for participating in the stream.
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Colosseum Clash allows users to stay connected with their favourite pixel art, retrofuturistic, cyberpunk derivative world-building project and the community.
How to Play Colosseum Clash
The game consists of 3 parts with 3 fighters in each, and a fourth fight with the winners from the first three.
First there's 3 soldiers against each other, then 3 gladiators, and lastly 3 centurions.
Punktavian will spin the wheel to select the first 3 fighters. They will be posted in chat:
542 Brenna Bolorix, 536 Gan Ying, 175 Bellatrix Cinna
The numbers refers to Mint on OpenSea, and CardID on WAX. Several people can own different mints of the same CardID on WAX, but only one person can own the corresponding ETH asset.
ETH owners are automatically entered and will get their rewards at the end of the season.
WAX players have to check their WAX wallets and see if they have any of the selections, and if they do, copy the asset URL and post one of them in chat within a 90 second window:
Once everybody has selected their fighter, it's dice rolling time. Each fighter has three stats, but for this it's only the attack stat that's important.
Brenna Bolorix = 8 Gan Ying = 8 Bellatrix Cinna = 7
For every point of attack, the fighter gets one d6.
Brenna rolls 8d6 = 1+3+2+6+4+1+2+1 = 20
Gan rolls 8d6 = 3+6+1+2+5+4+3+1 = 25
Bellatix rolls 7d6 = 3+1+2+5+2+4+3 = 20
Gan wins - everybody who picked Gan is entered in the raffle for the soldier prize.
This is repeated for gladiators and centurions, and lastly there's a fight between the winners of these three bouts.