The Sandbox

What is The Sandbox?

​The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain.
​Read More about the The Sandbox blockchain gaming platform and how it it set up with VoxEdit, GameMaker and NFT Marketplace; and how it utilizes different tokens including $SAND, the native ERC-20 token, LAND, which is in space as an ERC-721 NFT upon which experiences can be built, and ASSETS, which are ERC-1155 NFTs that are traded and can be used in the game.

RomanPunks Sandbox Colosseum

The RomanPunks team has been working on developing a fully sized colosseum on a 1x1 plot of land. Inspired by the actual Roman Colosseum design, the RomanPunk Colosseum has been resized to fit on a 1x1 sized Sandbox plot.
Since RomanPunks is cyberpunk-derivative, retro-futuristic project, we have taken the basic design of the colosseum and will embellish it with colours, materials and accessories that fit with the cyberpunk aesthetic and fit the look and feel of the RomanPunk project.
Although the actual RomanPunk colosseum is oval shaped, we have had to redesign it to fit in a 1x1 Sandbox plot.
A single 1x1 plot of LAND is 96 metres in width by 96 metres in length, making it a perfect square. They are also 128 metres in height.
The 96 meter square limits the size of the colosseum, and what we can do outside and around the space. But the generous 128 meters in height allows us to make basement levels and sky platforms.
Quests and Gameplay
P2E Model
PVP Mode