🧱Discord Catacombs RPG

The "Catacombs" has been customized from a Global Discord-based RPG bot that awards experience points and quests to players for engaging in our RomanPunks Discord sever.

The bot is called DueUtil, and the full instructions for gameplay can be seen here: https://dueutil.tech/

Discord users register with the bot, equip themselves with a weapon and complete quests to gain experience and level up in traditional RPG fashion.

Quests spawn by engaging and chatting on the Discord, similar to the way that experience points are awarded through MEE6 bot.

If they don't feel like chatting, users can engage in the casino games and in the 'count's castle' (simple counting bot channels) to help facilitate quest to spawn. There is also a 'pet battle' section, where users can buff up and battle pets that will help in completion of the quests.

Some quests can be redeemed for WAX cards on completion. These quests are visible by the 🕯️icon next to the name, and once completed, can be logged and user will have that NFT airdropped to them.

NOTE: As of January, 2023, the Discord Catacombs RPG Bot is disabled while a new bot that automates the transfer of earned NFTs is under development.

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