๐ŸŽดWAX 'Trading Card' NFTs

RomanPunks were born on Ethereum, but have come alive on WAX. While the original OpenSea RomanPunk NFTs are all 1:1 (max 1,000 supply), there are far more WAX NFTs available (although the exact number has yet to be revealed).

Higher volume allows for many more collectors to acquire RomanPunk NFTs while making them more accessible and affordable. Furthermore, the efficiency of the WAX blockchain + higher mint numbers allows for greater utility and gamification โ€” next steps in the RomanPunk development project timeline.

Card Rarities

All RomanPunk trading cards will fall into 1 of 5 rarities from โ€˜mythicalโ€™ being the least common to โ€˜commonโ€™ being the most ubiquitous.

Rarities will be important for adding collector value to the RomanPunk NFTs, but also for blending and game utility.

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