📈Why Ethereum?

When the RomanPunk project was founded in April 2021, the Ethereum blockchain was the most popular blockchain for NFT projects and investments. To this day, it continues to be so.

While the gas fees are unfavourable for collecting and utility, our limited supply of 1,000 Ethereum NFTs on OpenSea act as our principle 'shares' in the RomanPunk Metaverse. RomanPunk ETH NFTs are meant for HODLers.

Thanks to the OpenSea marketplace's gasless minting on ERC-1155, we were able to launch our project with no coding experience and expose our art and concept to the widest possible community.

Once our limited cap of 1,000 ETH NFTs on OpenSea are sold, we have plans to migrate on chain to our own ERC-721 contract that will provide our collection unlimited opportunity for further project ERC-20 tokenization and use in DeFi such as liquidity pools, etc. Other projects in the ETH space that have followed/are following similar paths include CyberKongz, DystoPunks, Bears Deluxe & Bitz Club.

Ethereum and OpenSea are also connected with The Sandbox ecosystem, which is another reason for our project to maintain a strong presence there.

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