🪙Ecosystem Token

The RomanPunks Metaverse consists of NFT collections on Ethereum and WAX blockchains with a 'play 2 earn' gameplay experience under development on The Sandbox and one similarly proposed for WAX.

In the future, the RomanPunks Metaverse will develop our very own ecosystem token, which we will call DENARII. DENARII is the smallest value unit in our Metaverse which will be used for mining/farming, cross-blockchain integration and acquisition of game asset and collectible NFTs.

DENARII will be based on the WAX blockchain, to take advantage of low gas fees and facilitate the development of a RomanPunk trading game on WAX. DENARII token, however, can also be converted into items that players can use in our upcoming Sandbox experience.

The DENARII token will be connected to our Discord ecosystem economy, so users can start earning DENARII token by engaging in our Discord.

We will also create a system where our loyal community will be able to buy DENARII token pre-ICO.

Additionally, we'll arrange airdrops before the DENARII token ICO date. The first airdrop will be based on the number of ETH RomanPunks & Legendary & Mythical WAX RomanPunks that a person is holding; secondly we will do an airdrop that is based on community interaction and is tied in with the user's bank balance in our Discord ecosystem and the users rank.

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