🎩Character Types


The vast majority of RomanPunks are common, and they fit into one of the following 10 categories:


the ‘elite’ of society — high status and wealthy RomanPunks who generally look down on everyone else.


your typical ‘upper-middle-class’ snobs who spend more time in Toga raves than actually doing any work.


the average, every day joe shmoes of society — hard working folk who get by on an honest day’s wage.


the RomanPunks who move around and typically originate from places far away from the capital.


the common footsoldier, represented from a whole range of ages and locales.


a middle ranking officer with punk tendencies who leads a small group of soldiers.


a former slave who was granted his freedom and makes the most of it.


these poor unfortunate punks must try to make it through life without their freedom.

Servant Woman

the typical servant who tends to the every needs of wealthy folk with some punk sass.


they fight to the death; for those who are about to die we salute you!


Some RomanPunk citizens have been infiltrated by or transformed into a range of nonhuman and undead creatures


believed to come from a dimension that is populated entirely by apes, the RomanPunk apes have taken the places of common citizens and act naturally in the roles they have assumed.


how they got here, we do not know, but they creep the hell out of all the RomanPunks.


living tissue over metal endoskeleton, there are some cyborgs that live among the RomanPunks. Unfortunately, their facial skin peeled off from the interdimensional journey, yet they still attempt to integrate fully with the common folk.


these bloodthirsty creatures are typically seen looking pale faced and hungry for their next feed.


we’re not sure, but it’s possible that a dimension exists where a plague has created a race of undead beings. Some of them ended up in the ranks of the RomanPunks.


who doesn’t love cute and cuddly creatures? A whole range of bestiary have found their way into the RomanPunk community.


A number of famous citizens from the original Roman dimension exist; so do many from pop culture, science fiction and literature.


Yes, many of the great Roman gods including Jupiter, Bellona, Venus, Saturn and Neptune prosper within the realm of the RomanPunks.

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